Nikki Hoplock Finally Makes Front Of Winnipeg Sun – A Week Late

That’s the front of today’s Winnipeg Sun. You might remember Nikki Hoplock from last Tuesday (April 2) when we alerted the Internet to the blonde who was photographed by Sun photographer Kevin King dropping some guy’s jaw at a Jets game.

And now the Sun, a daily tabloid, is ready to tell the the story behind the photo.

The photo didn’t run in the Sun’s print edition, just on its website and Facebook page, but that’s all it took for it to be shared around the world. It also ran in papers across the country after being chosen as the Photo of the Week by Sun Media, Canada’s largest newspaper chain.

We found it on Twitter when it had been shared by like two users: Nikki and some guy.

As for the guy with the dropped jaw, Adriano Iezzi, he clarifies why his jaw was dropped.

“Honestly, I wasn’t looking at the girl — I was looking at the screen (on the clock),” he said. “I think it was a (replay of a) bad penalty call. I’m a pretty emotional fan, so I get worked up.”

Nikki had approximately 12 followers when we found her. She’s up to 385 (@nikkihoplock). Imagine for a second if Nikki had been spotted in a U.S. arena, say Madison Square Garden. She would have 38,500 followers, would’ve been interviewed on Access Hollywood, splashed on the New York Post the next day and would be on a celebrity diving show like Katherine Webb.

Get your shit together, Canada.

*Yesterday’s Toronto Sun.

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