John Daly Starts Annual Augusta Hooters Autograph Signings [PHOTOS]

John-Daly-Hooters (3)

Ahhh, Masters week in Augusta, Georgia. The green grass, the blue sky, the soothing calls from Jim Nantz…and John Daly being a mainstay in the local Hooters parking lot. Daly hopped in his RV and set up shop for the next five days at the illustrious Augusta Hooters location.

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Of course Augusta wouldn’t let him pull a move like this within the walls of the prestigious club. You think Daly cares? Nope. You think his fans care? Hell no, they probably prefer Hooters.

Fans seem thrilled to meet Daly, ponying up their hard earned money for a pair of his patented Loud Mouth golf pants or an autographed pin flag.

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Daly, however, didn’t appear to be too excited with the whole spectacle:

John-Daly-Hooters (14)

According to Golf Digest:

He looks tired. A ballcap rests awkwardly on his head, shocks of unkempt blond-gray hair protruding from underneath.

Here’s to hoping John’s spirits pick up as the week goes on. If you’re down there maybe send a Hooters girl or two out there with a beer and some boneless wings to pep him up a bit.