The Louisville ‘L’ Hand Signal is Like A Wichita State Shocker With The Pinky Down

Louisville Wichita State Hand Signals /

Louisville – Wichita State just tipped off in the Final Four in Atlanta. The Cardinals have a rabid fan base that travels pretty well and has significant history. Part of that history is the Louisville “L.”

The Louisville “L” is thrown with your fingers after spelling out C-A-R-D-S. (If we have to tell you how to make an “L” with your fingers, you have problems we can’t help with.) It’s featured on a pretty sweet shirt (currently sold out in red) by

Louisville L

Our thoughts? Damn thing looks just like a Wichita State Shockers sign, except with the pinky down. Of course, the Wichita State Shocker (short for Wheatshocker) isn’t exactly like the regular shocker (use thumb! vs. use lube!).

Wichita State Shocker

Whatever. The game is tied at 13 with just over 10 minutes left in the first half.

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