Zach Redmond Of The Winnipeg Jets With Worst Hockey Scar EVER [PHOTO]


hockey scar

What is it with these hockey players getting injured in practice? First we showed you the nasty scar on Alex Ovechkin after he took a puck to the chin in practice. He needed 22 stitches and will have a nice lifelong reminder of that fateful day.

Funny thing is, his scar is nothing but child’s play compared to what Zach Redmond will have for the rest of his life. Back in February, Redmond took a skate to the thigh courtesy of a teammate in practice and suffered a nasty cut to his femoral artery.

CBC reporter Mitch Peacock reveled this beast to the masses via the following tweet:

hockey scar 2

Since Redmond isn’t exactly a household name, the nationwide reaction wasn’t too big. We did spot one tweet, however, that we think will echo the feelings of most individuals who get a look at this scar.

hockey scar 3

Redmond returned to practice for the first time today since the February injury. Pretty insane the guy was back on the ice less than two months after that gash. Maybe hockey players really are that tough.

[h/t Deadspin]

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