Ryan Braun’s Fiancée Larisa Fraser Is Still Modeling [PHOTOS]



Here I figured once Ryan Braun got engaged to Larisa Fraser he’d request that she stop taking cleav modeling shots. And bikini shots. And any shot that would be spread around the Internet. It’s not that I envision Braun to be some pig who won’t let his future wife have her own professional career.

It’s just that I figured his $121.5 million guaranteed over the next eight years might sway Ms. Fraser to kill off the modeling gig and go into a different profession like just being hot, cooking food for Braun and a celebrity wife.

Not so.

It appears that, if anything, Fraser is ramping up her career. We noticed today that she posted on Facebook about big happenings in New York.

NY for some big castings. Love love. Thanks elite!

Sure, she doesn’t have the marriage certificate so a smart woman has to remain focused until the American Express card gets changed into Larisa Braun.

In the meantime, a girl’s gotta eat so here is some of her latest work that’s been posted in March.

[Larisa Fraser – Facebook]



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