Evander Kane vs Alexei Emelin: Don’t Throw My Helmet, Bro! [VIDEO]


Frustration was mounting last night for Evander Kane and the Winnipeg Jets. Down 4-1 to Montreal late in the third, en route to their 5th consecutive loss, Kane had had enough.

After a brief skirmish along the boards, Kane and Emelin began aggressively shoving before dropping the gloves. Haymakers were thrown and Kane made the most of it, connecting on a few solid blows to the back of Emelin’s head.

The highlight of the fight comes in around the :10 second mark. Kane ripped Emelin’s helmet off and tried to smash it in the back of his head. Fortunately for Emelin, Kane missed on the helmet bash, but he did get the last laugh and clearly won the fight.

The voters at HockeyFights.com gave the fight to Kane in convincing fashion, with 82.9% of the votes.

Oh, and Montreal won 4-1.


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