Dallas Latos LOL-ing At Husband Mat’s Fan Mail [PHOTOS]

Over the years, Dallas Latos has cemented herself as one of MLB’s all-time great WAGs. Her looks combined with her involvement in husband Mat’s baseball life, make Dallas truly the ideal WAG.

A new development that makes her even more awesome is that she helps Mat out with the daunting fan mail process. She tweeted the following photo out last week:

Notice the name on the letter…Mr. LaMarre. The fan put Reds OF Ryan LaMarre’s letter in the envelope with the Latos card. Our guess is that the fan is probably an overweight Italian guy in his mid-40’s trying to make a quick buck off of as many autographs as possible.

Nice try bro, Dallas Latos isn’t falling for that shit.

Reds fans, you can rest easy. Dallas isn’t signing the cards for Mat, but is merely helping him go through the overwhelming amount of fan mail.

Just another day in the life of one of the best WAGs that the MLB has to offer.


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