Colin Kaepernick Working On Accuracy In Off-Season…With Assault Rifle! [PHOTO]

Colin Kaepernick has had a relatively quiet off-season ever since he choked away Super Bowl 47. There’s been a few sightings here and there, but he hasn’t really put his new found fame to use.

Then we saw this photo.

Kaepernick uploaded the above picture the other day of him and 49ers teammate Ricardo Lockette at a shooting range. There are very few details surrounding the image, and all the information that came with the photo was the following tweet:

Yeah Kaep, because it’s the shoes that are sticking out in that photo. We’re peeping on your Jordan’s, not that RCP-90 type gun that you’re slinging over your shoulder.

Of course some nerd had to rain on our parade. Instagram user ‘gcag‘ started leaving boring gun control comments on the photo, ruining everyone’s fun. Seriously, read these:

It’s not the civil war anymore bro. The NRA have burrowed so far into your brain they have made u believe that the 2nd amendment is still relevant. I’m pretty sure the founding fathers didn’t intend for automatic assault rifles to be available for anyone to purchase without background checks on the Internet!

Still awake?

Cleaning the streets of guns is important.

Not saying we disagree with ‘gcag’, however there is a time and a place for this discussion and a bad-ass photo of Kaep in a shooting range is not it.

[h/t kaepernick7 Instagram]

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