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43 Best WWE Wrestling Fan Signs Of All Time


Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over. WrestleMania 29 weekend is finally upon us. The ‘grand daddy of them all’ will be stealing headlines across the globe this weekend as the best and brightest the WWE has to offer take the big stage.

One of the best parts of WrestleMania and the WWE in general is the amount of passion you see from the fans. Between chants, outfits and signs, wrestling fans are some of the most outspoken, charismatic groups in the world of sports entertainment.

From the witty (Batista Likes Fishsticks) to the bad-ass (If Cena Wins, We Riot), wrestling fans have done it all. In the gallery below, check out 30 of the best fan made signs in WWE history to prepare for WrestleMania.

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