Rays Mascot Debuts Insensitive Steve Irwin Sign

This photo has been floating around Reddit and Twitter lately. What you’re seeing is the mascot of the Tampa Bay Rays, Raymond posing for a photo with a fan-made sign.

Normally a fun photo opportunity quickly turned to controversy as the sign was poking (no pun intended) fun at Steve Irwin’s death.

Comments on Reddit were ranging from disgusted:

Nah man I loved Steve, fuck that mascot forreal.

To sad:

Completely out of line. Steve Irwin was an inspiration to masses of people and is still seen as an Australian Icon. Us Aussies are good blokes, but don’t insult us.

To some thinking it wasn’t that big of a deal:

Ah I don’t feel sad about his death anymore. He kicked a lot of ass when he was alive. It sucks, but his legacy will live on. This is just a harmless joke.

It got us thinking here at BC, is this sign offensive or hilarious…or both? Doing a quick poll here at the office most people think it’s a pretty clever sign and are leaning towards the funny side.

What do you think, funny or tasteless? Let us know in the comments.

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