Konerko-Getz-Kuntz Happens In Chicago & More Screencapping Fun!


morning twitpics

Feel free to call us morons, idiots, or whatever you want for this high school humor from Konerko-Getz-Kuntz, we can handle it. This is one of those rare jersey occurrences that live in Google Image Search infamy.

And to think that Kuntz’s first name is Rusty. Seriously, his name is Rusty Kuntz and he had five MLB home runs during his seven year career.

High-fives all around for this screencap to make April baseball worth talking about.

Meanwhile, in New York on SNY, Keith Hernandez went with the fur coat and camo gloves look. Of course he killed it.



Look who was at the Reds game – LIVE ACTION!



Over on ESPN, an intern f–ked up this graphic. Get your shit together, intern.



This one will get you fired.



At the Rays game, everyone is looking for a Matt Joyce walk-off HR while the little kid already has the ball. Helluva job, kid.





And here comes the NY Post with Yankees headlines. Another loss, 7-4 to the Red Sox, means big trouble for the Pinstripes, especially when the Mets are 2-0.

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