Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Arrive In Cozumel For 2013 Bikini Shoot [PHOTOS]

Over the past couple weeks, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have been prepping for their upcoming bikini calendar shoot. Obviously we’ve been monitoring the process, and have been lucky enough to see the girls go through various bikini fittings and practice shoots.

Now, its show time.

All of the girls packed their bright luggage and got ready to head South. They were at the airport yesterday and have officially arrived in warm, sunny Cozumel, Mexico. Yes, you can officially hate your life even more now as you sit in a shitty cubicle.

How much do you now regret not dropping a quick $7,000 on that Living Social deal? Doesn’t it all seem worth it now? Just wait until the bikini photos start surfacing. Yep, we’re kicking ourselves too.

Imagine waking up and enjoying a little breakfast with the cheerleaders with this view:

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