Cowboys Cheerleaders Do Cozumel: Busting Out The Bikinis

Cowboys Cheerleaders Do Cozumel: Busting Out The Bikinis

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have arrived in Cozumel and emptied their pink suitcases for a week of work making a 2013-14 bikini calendar. From all indications, today was get acquainted day. There was a Zumba class, a Salsa class, some sort of goofy painting class and then the all important bikini horsing around time.

Our Twitter followers are now sorta demanding that Busted Coverage live blog anything and everything we can find about this trip so prepare to be peppered with updates like Mel Kiper updating his draft board a week away from the NFL Draft.

If we see bikini pics rolling in via Twitter, you better believe there will be a full team report. That said, here is the latest.





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