Marshall Henderson Spent The Day Sitting On A Dunk Booth



Ole Miss held some sort of Relay 4 Life rally today and needed a celebrity to man the dunk booth seat. They needed a name, someone who’d bring students out on a cold Oxford ‘White Girl Wednesday.’ They landed Marshall Henderson.

Say what you will about this guy, but he seems to really care. Of course you thought Marshall would be at the bar at 2 on a Wednesday. Of course you thought Marshall would be hoodie’d up and chucking balls trying to drop some sorority girl. Of course you thought Marshall was off smoking meth.

Of course at least one of you hoped the pool was filled with hydrofluoric acid. Wait, what?

Picture 1

You might remember hydrofluoric acid from the pilot episode of Breaking Bad where “Jesse puts the dead Emilio in a bathtub, adds the acid, and proceeds to dissolve the body, the tub, the floor supporting the tub, and the floor below that.”

There’s no word on what school Mr. Nemes supports. We’ll guess Auburn or Tennessee.



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