Jaime Edmondson Introduces Baby Longoria To Grandpa Don Zimmer


Edmondson Zimmer

Last night before the Rays took on the Orioles in their season opener, Don Zimmer had a special visitor. Jaime Edmondson, girlfriend of Rays star Evan Longoria, and newborn baby Elle spent some quality time with Zim.

Aside from a strong resemblance to Pizza The Hut, Zim looks pretty happy to be spending time with the former Playmate.

Edmondson Zimmer Tweet

Longoria really looks up to Zimmer and seemed to relish this moment. Just another adorable moment for one of our favorite power couples in sports.

The night ended on a down note for Edmondson and Longoria. The Orioles beat the Rays 7-4.

Edmondson Zimmer 2



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