Husband Allows Home Run To Hit Wife At Diamondbacks Game [VIDEO, GIF]

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Another year, another girl gets blasted with a baseball at an MLB game. This time it happened in last nights game between the Diamondbacks and the Cardinals.

A 7th inning home run from Pete Kozma to deep left-center came down hard on an unsuspecting, onlooking girl. Her husband, as one normally would when a baseball was flying in their direction, jumped out of the way.

The woman, as usual, wasn’t paying attention. How do you not know a home run ball is flying in your direction?

For all the media outlets and websites blaming the guy in this situation, grow up. It’s not a husbands duty to get blasted by that baseball. It’s the girls duty to get the hell out of the way.

The Cardinals won the game 6-1.

[h/t COED via Cut 4]

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