Giants Fan Texting With Pants At His Ankles While Taking Leak & More Screencaps!


morning twitpics

Say hello to Giants fan at the A’s Opening Day who also seems to be texting while pissing with his pants around his ankles. You know, nothing out of the ordinary in the Bay Area. Nope, the A’s and Giants weren’t playing an interleague game. It was A’s-Mariners on Monday night.

As for Yu Darvish vs. the AAAstros, helluva performance against a bunch of scrubs. Fantasy baseball advice: start whatever pitcher is going against this lineup.

Nice look, rookie.


This is what happens when you throw one that catches too much plate against the AAAstros. These guys rake base knocks all day long.


In NFL news, John Clayton’s name gets an ESPN intern canned.


What could possibly get Ben Roethlisberger to leave Pennsylvania in the offseason? Miami Heat basketball…and South Beach…and the Clevelander…and the women of South Beach.

Picture 1

A modern-day warrior
Mean mean stride,
Today’s Tom Sawyer
Mean mean pride.

Picture 2

Finally, the NY Post nails the Mike Rice story. Meanwhile, the guy still has a job.

Picture 3

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