Brett Favre Bro Took Boobs McGee To Blue Jays Home Opener [GIF]



I don’t need to keep on telling you about how crazy Blue Jays fans are. There’s rarely a game that goes by at the Skydome that goes by without being post material on BC. Last night, Andy Warhol was swinging and wouldn’t give back the bat belonging to Indians hitter Jason Kipnis.

We also had a jerkoff giving his buddy a fake hand job during the SportsNet broadcast.

And then the boobs. Everywhere you look, boobs.

Brett Favre’s chick new how to dress for the opener – let ’em breath.


[via @ScottJohnson48]

Good work, bro.

And then we had pom pom boobs from a couple of 4s. What we learned about Toronto last night is that not much has changed with the fans over the last 4-5 years. They’re still crazy as ever and on the brink of becoming our favorite fans in Major League Baseball.

Our top five fanbases based on boobs, fighting, viral videos and general mayhem:

1. Toronto

2. Texas

3. Philadelphia

4. Cubs

5. Boston

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