Gronk KILLED This Look At The New Kids On The Block Album Release Party


Rob Gronkowski was about a month old in 1989 when the New Kids on the Block single “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. Hangin’ Tough would find success later in the summer. In other words, he missed out on the NKOTB revolution that led to Step by Step and other horrendous music that was shoved down the throats of the young.

But this guy is a sucker for nostalgia. There he was in Boston over the weekend for the NKOTB album release, even rocking the fake glasses and sideways hat. Normally we’d be appalled by this look from the NFL’s highest paid tight end.

Not Gronk.

As the leader of Team Jizz Blaster, Gronk is required to keep the “Sorry For Partying” image alive. He’s been quiet lately so any sighting is good news for us. It means he’s closer to some wild rager that ends up providing us with endless content.

You know who can’t pull off this look? Aaron Hernandez. Tony Gonzalez. Jason Witten. Vernon Davis.


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