Best New Foods At MLB Parks Of 2013


Been waiting for the day you could get macaroni and cheese and jalapenos on your stadium hot dog? That day has arrived in Oakland. Have you always wanted to eat a spaghetti & meatball wrap while freezing at a Twins game? 2013 is your lucky year.

Gone are the days when baseball fans would keep coming to games for plain hot dogs in foil wrappers. In Cincinnati, you can get a baseball batting helmet filled with nachos. Some ballparks are selling batting helmets of popcorn.

Our old friend Darren Rovell  ‏(@darrenrovell) spent Opening Day asking fans what new foods were popping up at ballparks. The food porn photos are startling.

As for 2013 beer prices, broke down how many beers $50 buys you at all 30 parks. Coming in #1 is Arizona with 11 beers. The worst – Boston at 5.25 beers.