Laveranues Coles Selling 20,000 Sq. Ft. Florida Mansion For $5.9 Million [PHOTOS]



Laveranues Coles once said to the New York Times, “Why is my house so filthy?” The former NFL wide receiver wasn’t talking about dirt on the floors of his 20,000 square foot St. Johns, Florida home. It was more of a bragging statement.

So imagine the shock today when our friends at mentioned that Coles is selling his filthy house that was built to be his forever sanctuary. According to the Times, he paid $8 million to build it. Now it’s on the market for $5.9 million.

Can Coles, who hasn’t played in the NFL since 2009, get $5.9 million for a house that’s in the middle of nowhere and 25 miles from downtown Jacksonville? Is there someone in the market for a 5 bedroom, 9 bath house on 6+ acres surrounded by forest? Why sell your filthy house now?

According to his realtor:

As you pass through your entry gates, you know you have arrived. Unsurpassed amenities.Privacy and security. Resort pool with 12’ waterfall, luxurious entertainment area, Outdoor Mega viewing projection TV, Basket ball stadium with full service locker rooms. Two lane bowling alley, Master suite with relaxation water feature.

Highlights of the Laveranues Coles mansion:

• Huge bedrooms

• Gymnasium

• Water fountain off the basketball court

• Professional bowling alley lanes

• Laundry room bigger than your house

24 miles to Emperor’s Club strip club

14 miles to Whole Foods

Asking: $5,900,000

Mortgage: $18,000 before taxes, pool maintenance, house keeping and gymnasium waxing

[Buy Laveranues Coles Mansion – Realtor]

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