Johnny Manziel Meets LeBron At Heat-Spurs & Has Suite Seats [PHOTOS]



The Spring of Johnny Manziel rolled on last night in San Antonio with Heisman and his crew in town to meet LeBron and watch a great NBA game. The only issue was that LeBron, Dwyane Wade & Mario Chalmers sat with phony injuries as payback for the Spurs sitting stars during a visit to Miami.

Of course Johnny secured suite seats for the game. His supporters like to remind us that Johnny had a rich grandfather, or uncle, or some family member. Again, that’s how he gets such great seats to Heat-Spurs. How much are suite tickets to Heat-Spurs? Guessing more than $200 per seat.

The good news for Johnny, his girlfriend and a couple of buddies is that LeBron was gracious enough to take time for photos and to talk greatness.

Keeping to his word that he’s done with Twitter, Manziel hasn’t tweeted about his Heat-Spurs night. That doesn’t mean he’s done with Instagram.



Looks like Savage was reminded to wear red for LeBron & the Heat since Johnny is such a big fan. Greats support greats.



Unclenatefitch is one of Manziel’s best homeboys. That’s him on LeBron’s left shoulder.







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