NHL Fights: Frazer McLaren Beats Down Matt Kassian [VIDEO]


Fraser McLaren Matt Kassian


Saturday night’s Ottawa-Toronto game featured several fights, but Frazer McLaren’s quick knockdown of the Senators’ Matt Kassian was the best of the night. The backstory goes something like this: McLaren knocked out Ottawa rookie David Dziurzynski during a fight in Toronto earlier this month. The Senators were a little raw after the KO of Dziurzynski, so they traded for Kassian from the Minnesota Wild for extra muscle. Earlier on Saturday, Kassian made quick work of Colton Orr, but it was McLaren who was his true target.

Looks like Kassian may need to train a little harder if he expects to take out McLaren. McLaren has a trademark style of holding his opponent away with his left arm, turning him and then landing big rights to the side and back of the head.

Toronto also won the game, 4-0. Both teams will make the Eastern Conference playoffs. We’d love to see a No. 4-5 match-up between them as a first-round playoff series.

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