Johnny Cabo Can Quit Twitter, But Twitter Can’t Quit Johnny Cabo [PHOTOS]

Johnny Manziel at Squid Roe in Cabo LEAD

The sports world had a sad last week when Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel told ESPN that he was stepping away from Twitter because “it can get to be distracting at points.” Where would we get pics of football bros hanging out at Mardi Gras? of Manziel’s hot girlfriend Sarah Savage? of spring break in Cabo? As you can see from the pic above (taken with guys from Cabo bar Squid Roe), the legend lives on despite his announced sabbatical.The Goose is loose, bitches! (Bonus bro shocker for good measure.)

Manziel’s decision to suspend his tweeting came just days after he allegedly got physical with a grad assistant after crapping the bed in A&M’s spring practice. Because the world is a vampire, fans let Johnny Football have it about his recent globetrotting and celebrity photo ops. Fans were cool with the bro stuff, as long as Manziel was leading the Aggies past Alabama. The minute that he threw a pick or got tackled for a loss, Manziel heard about how he wasn’t focused enough, etc.

Whatever. Enough people will still be excited enough to have Johnny Manziel in their lives that they will tweet for him ā€” just like the dude above. We’ll be surprised (and upset) if we don’t see a decent photo set from ChiliFest next month.

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