32 Best Dufnering Photos On The Internet


Who would have ever guessed that PGA golfer Jason Dufner would be the guy to start the next internet/Twitter trend? The 36-year old only has two PGA wins under his belt, but one small, silly moment will forever live in internet lore. We give you ‘Dufnering’.

Yesterday, Jason Dufner was in Dallas doing some promotional work for the 2013 Byron Nelson Championship. One of the appearances scheduled was at the Salesmanship Youth & Family Center.

Dufner was photographed slouched up against the wall looking as uninterested as humanly possible. Staring off into the distance, arms and legs straight as an arrow, the photographer truly captured Dufner at his worst.

Fellow golfers caught wind of the photo, and guys like Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler & Dustin Johnson helped turn the photo into an interenet sensation. Before you knew it, thousands of #Dufnering photos began to appear. The best part is that Dufner seems to be embracing the whole ordeal, tweeting the following:

Dufnering Tweet