HOLY OMFG! Erin Andrews Wore THIS On ‘Live’ With Strahan [PHOTOS, TWEETS]


This morning Erin Andrews went on the ‘Kelly & Michael Show’ and co-hosted with Michael Strahan. As a replacement for Kelly, Pageviews didn’t miss a beat and her bubbly personality actually made us interested to tune in. Sure the show has guest hosts every now and then, but could this have been an audition of sorts for an eventual ‘Erin & Michael Show’?

We sure as hell hope so, and apparently we weren’t alone.

Erin Andrews Tweet

Andrews and Strahan have a bit of a history, as Strahan was actually the one who set Andrews up with her current boyfriend Jarret Stoll. According to Have U Heard:

Michael Strahan, revealed the big news and how he played matchmaker for Erin and Jarret on the show.  Strahan, who is good friends with Stoll, gave Stoll Erin’s number and  the two hit it off and began dating in November.

The big news to come from the show was the fact that this was the first time where Andrews actually announced publicly that her and Stoll were an item.

Sure, we’ve known for months, but all those housewives and senior citizens tuning in this morning definitely had their world rocked.

Yes, Erin was rocking the sh*t out of that dress. Yes, she knew exactly what she was doing. Yes, she responded to Charissa Thompson‘s tweet with this message:

Erin Andrews (7)

Try getting that image out of your head. You can’t, and neither can Strahan.

BONUS: Erin Andrews Twitter Creep Tweet

Erin Andrews Tweet 2

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