Brett Favre Looking Jacked & Primed For NFL Comeback


Brett Favre

It’s been about a month in a half since we last saw Brett Favre. Back in February the ol’ gunslinger was seen in his hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi helping in the tornado clean-up effort.

We spotted the above photo on Twitter and needless to say, all that manual labor looks like it paid off. Brett Farve is looking jacked! Veins popping out left and right. Biceps ripping through the shirt. It’s amazing what a few days wielding a chainsaw and lifting trees can do to the body.


The photo of jacked Favre came from @JMcClureJr and was apparently taken at a local Hattiesburg restaurant called Georgia Blue.

Favre Tweet

Favre tweet 2

The best part of this Georgia Blue place is that they are the first restaurant in Mississippi to offer personal beer taps at your table. According to their website:

We know that beer is always best when it’s right out of the tap. That’s why we’re the very first restaurant in the state to offer a beer tap at your table! Draft Tables give you ice cold beer, on demand, when you want it. Check out our current beer lineup, pick your table, and let the taps flow!

Can’t you just picture Brett at his table, surrounding by overweight Hattiesburg locals, telling stories of the glory days, all while pouring his own Budweiser tall boys. I sure can.

If the likes of Buffalo, Jacksonville or Cleveland can convince Brett to leave this beer tap paradise, by the looks of this new photo, that team would be lucky to have him under center.

[h/t @JMcClureJr]

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