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Patrick Bordeleau vs Brian McGrattan – Hockey Fight Of The Year [VIDEO]

If you want to watch a hockey fight where neither guy is wearing a shield and neither ducks a punch, you’ll want to watch last night’s brawl between Patrick Bordeleau & Brian McGrattan (@bigern10). You’re watching, to date, the NHL fight of the year.

Sure, there have been spectacular knockouts, but this fight gets its award because both guys just let the bombs fly and don’t duck.

In McGrattan, we’re talking about a guy who racked up 551 PIM in 2004-05 with the Binghamton Senators, still the AHL’s all-time single season record. If you want to punch with a guy, Brian will gladly go.

Picture 8

Give rookie Bordeleau credit, this is the guy’s sixth career NHL fight. Did he hold at the end? Would McGrats have kept going? Yes to both.

The voters at called this one a draw.

As for the game, Calgary won, 4-3.

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