Donovan McNabb In The Wild: At Apple Store With Serious Issue [PHOTOS]




Donovan McNabb had Apple computer issues last week, according to tipster Nick Krueger (@npkrueger). The Eagles legend was spotted in the wild at a Chandler, Arizona Apple store where, according to Krueger, Donovan needed the Genius Bar experts to solve these serious issues.

Krueger tweeted: “Chillin next to Donovan McNabb at apple store Genius Bar. He can’t figure out how to transfer music between computers(.)”

Of course there will those of you who send us NSFW messages like, “Who the f–k cares?” or “Why the f–k is this news?” Then there’s always that one guy who wants us to know, “You guys used to be good. I’m never coming back.”

Blah, blah, blah.

If people didn’t care, they wouldn’t take pics of McNabb wearing workout gloves at the gym. You wouldn’t take photos of McNabb eating a massive breakfast. You wouldn’t take photos of sweaty Donovan playing pickup basketball.

You care that Donovan McNabb is at the mall trying to figure out how to transfer music between computers. You also care that he’s rocking the white socks, sandals and shorts combo. Just think of how rare this is.

As for our new friend Nick, McNabb was kinda a dick to the young journalism student.

Introduced myself to one Mr. McNabb but he kindly said no pictures, still a nice guy

We’ll assume the Genius Bar solved Donovan’s problems. It’s next to impossible for an ex-NFL QB who scored a 14 on his NFL draft Wonderlic to stump those guys.



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