Alex Ovechkin Blasted In Chin With Puck At Practice, Needed 22 Stiches [PHOTOS]

Ovechkin-Tweet (2)

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin tweeted out a pretty graphic photo this morning. The photo, seen above, was a picture of his chin after being blasted with a puck at practice today.

According to the Washington Post:

Ovechkin was taking part in a two-on-one drill and when Braden Holtby stopped his shot the rebound popped up and hit him in the face.

That bad of a gash off of a rebound? Jesus, we’d hate to see what would be left of his chin if the initial shot caught him there. Brutal.

Being the tough hockey player that he is, Ovechkin played off the situation like it was nothing to worry about. His playful captions full of hahaha’s make it seem like the ordeal was no sweat. The doctors ended up putting 22 stitches in Ovechkin’s chin. Check out the aftermath.

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The Capitals, sitting at 11th in the Eastern Conference, are next in action on Saturday night against the Sabres. Don’t get excited Sabres fans, Ovi is unlikely to miss any time.