Uh, Pretty Sure You Don’t Want Shockers At A Sweet 16 & More Screencaps!

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It’s Shockers innuendo morning on Busted Coverage. The key is to find ESPN talking about the Shockers and then acting like you’re a 21-year-old college bro losing his mind when “Shockers prepare for Sweet 16” shows up on TV.

College bro just can’t get over the Shockers nickname. He’s the guy at the bar with a fast quip about being a huge Shockers fan. He’s also the guy who gives the shocker definition to the innocent freshman girls who haven’t been exposed to the world.

Between FGCU and the Shockers, this is like the ultimate NCAA tournament for College bro.

Wichita State cheerleaders are down, College bro.



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Meanwhile, in NHL news, Mr. T. is still alive.

Picture 2

George Bush went to a women’s basketball game and wished he was at a baseball game.

Picture 3

Is Dirk serious with this beard? Of course I blame those morons on Duck Dynasty for this. That’s still the dumbest show on TV and that’s coming from someone who’ll watch Dancing with the Stars now and then.

Picture 4

Please notice that sub-headline for the Yankees signing Vernon Wells. Brilliant work.

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