Tats, Fat & Bald: Great NCAA March Madness Players Then & Now


Did you know that Kevin Pittsnogle sells Jeeps in West Virginia? Did you know that Michael Doleac went back to school at Utah after leaving the NBA? Did you know that Cherokee Parks left Duke without visible tattoos, yet he’s now covered from head to toe in ink?

Did you know that Rex Chapman looks like he’s a 58 years old bald guy?

We have a picture in our heads, thanks to CBS rerunning old footage, of what NCAA tournament players look like. We know that Bobby Hurley should still look like he’s 12 and running the point for Duke championship teams.

We know that Christian Laettner should still look like he’s sinking a turnaround on Kentucky with no time on the clock. The ’90s hair. The short shorts.

Obviously time has marched on and those players you remember from your youth are tatted, fattening and balding. Don’t want to feel old? Don’t look.