Roger Clemens & Toby Keith Bro Out At Texas High School Baseball Game

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What’s Roger Clemens to do on a random Tuesday in March? He paged his bro Toby Keith and hit up a high school baseball game. No big deal. In a sway from the norm, Clemens was dressed in a bland zip up and baseball cap with little to no swag in sight.

Hell, with the beanie/baseball hat combo combined with the ripped jeans and sunglasses at night, Toby Keith was rocking even more swag than Clemens.

The dynamic duo went down to Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas and immediately impressed the ladies. Before you knew it, any and every girl who was in attendance started swooning over Clemens and Instagram-ing pics left and right.

Roger-Clemens-High-School-Baseball (2)

Since we can’t see Clemens lower half, we can only assume that Rocket is donning his patented cell phone clip and potentially the blue cowboy boots.

We can only hope this isn’t the end of the Clemens-swag era. If there are no more outlandish t-shirts, visors or cell-phone clips it will truly be a sad day for sports.

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