Manny Ramirez Taiwan Baseball Home Debut A Complete Circus [VIDEOS]

Update: Our new Chinese/Taiwanese baseball expert Shih-Lon Chen gives us new information on Manny’s first game in the Far East.

To say that Manny Ramirez’s Wednesday night home debut with the EDA Rhinos of the Chinese Baseball League was a circus would be an understatement. As you’d suspect, Ramirez is the biggest baseball name to play in the CBL and fans reacted as if Babe Ruth had risen from the grave and slapped on a purple batting helmet.

Since we’re not experts in the Chinese language, we’ll give you the highlights.

• Manny had at least two hits; single in 2nd, single in 4th, K (looking) in 7th

• That’s not Manny Ramirez on that woman’s sign

• That’s Johnny Cueto! (HT: @mikevondie)

• The ball from Manny’s first hit was saved by the team

• Fans made signs with dreads, obviously not a common sight in China

• Fans wore fake dreads

Here is the third base coach saving a piece of ChineseTaiwanese (see above) baseball history. Of course the TV broadcast crew went nuts over a simple base hit to left.

If you’re Chinese, Taiwanese or Japanese or like to keep up on baseball around the globe, go visit the CBL Facebook page.


Manny’s hit to right in the 4th.

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