Is Kate Upton Telling Us That Justin Verlander Shaves His Balls?


Is Kate Upton trying to tell us that Justin Verlander shaves his balls? Kate is the new Gillette spokeswoman and she’s doing the media rounds. That means New York reporters have questions about specific shaving techniques that media in St. Louis won’t ask.

(Her friends are: Hannah Simone and Genesis Rodriguez)

According to today’s NY Daily News:

“I wouldn’t date a guy who had grooming problems,” said Upton.

Upton shoots down the double standards about women needing to be hairless – She insists it’s “very important” for men to be spotless “down there.”

“It says a lot about a man, their confidence, and how they like the way they look,” she adds in another promo. “And how they, you know, keep up with themselves.”

That obviously means Verlander shaves his balls because she dated him and spent plenty of quality time with the Tigers Cy Young. Remember when we caught the couple in Chicago last summer.

Supposedly these two have broken up so start shaving those balls, boys.