DeSean Jackson Buys VERY WHITE California House For $1.65 Million [PHOTOS]


Preparing for his eventual move to the Raiders, DeSean Jackson decided to scoop up a new 3,837 sq. ft. mansion on the West Coast. Located in Tarzana, the place set DeSean back $1.65 million and looks more fitting for a 1960s artist than a big mouthed football player.

According to our friend Neal over at Realtor:

The property was originally built in 1951, but has been tastefully updated to reflect a more modern décor. Various sitting areas come clad in hardwood and crown molding, while a chef’s kitchen boasts Carrara marble countertops.

Ooooh…Carrara countertops! DeSean wasn’t messing around with this place!


DeSean made some serious renovations. Check out the ‘before’ photos. Yeah, DeSean should have left the place as is. Nothing says swag like shag carpet in the bathroom:

what-it-used-to-look-like-1 what-it-used-to-look-like-4 what-it-used-to-look-like-3 what-it-used-to-look-like-2

[h/t Neal – Realtor Celebrity Blog]