LeBron’s Need For Viral Attention Reaches This Level & More Screencaps!

LeBron’s Need For Viral Attention Reaches This Level

Just when I started to like LeBron again, he has to look for extra attention because Chris Bosh was getting so much attention for his photobombing skills. LeBron, channeling his inner middle schooler, decided last night to photobomb Ray Allen, who was doing a postgame interview with Sun Sports.

Look at me. Don’t forget about me. I can be funny, too. Me. Me. Me.

Stop it, moron.

You’re the greatest player on the planet, let the scrubs get some uninterrupted TV time.

Then there was the postgame shoulder bump handshake with CC Sabathia and Prince Fielder. Someone has been working out.

Picture 1

Meanwhile, in Boston. Drunk? No way.

Picture 2

Who knew Randy Johnson was an Anthrax fan?

Picture 3

Might as well wipe your ass with this one.

Picture 4

Is some guy selling these outside Coyotes games? This is the second variation of the Jodi Arias shirt that we’ve seen over the last two weeks.

Picture 6

Finally, the lottery guy just ruined his life unless he finds a rock to hide under. Doing a media tour? Wrong move, brah.

Picture 5

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