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Jordan Nolan vs Brandon Bollig Fight Includes Clean Rights To Head [VIDEO]

Blackhawks tough guy Brandon Bollig didn’t seem to mind Kings scraper Jordan Nolan connecting with two clean rights during last night’s fight in Chicago. Thankfully, NBC Sports Network slowed down the footage to show Bollig’s face snapping backwards as Nolan connected.

And then Bollig went to the penalty box where he smiled and banged on the glass.

It’s not like Bollig didn’t deliver his own shots to Nolan’s head. The guy actually seems to enjoy getting hit a couple of times. It’s as if it wakes him up.

As for who won, the voters at say it was a draw. That runs Nolan’s season fight record to 4-1-1. Bollig is 2-1-2 in NHL fights this season.

L.A. won, 5-4 and is now headed to a visit with Obama at the White House.

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