FOX Sports Girl Of The Week: Lauren

Fox Sports Detroit Girl Lauren has the perfect sports gig.  Detroit, one of only 12 U.S. cities that are home to the four major sports, is constantly busy with professional sports, but right now all attention is on college basketball.

Michigan gets Kansas Friday night at Cowboys Stadium (7:37 tip) in front of what could be a crowd of 80,000. Of course the last time a Michigan team played at Cowboys Stadium, things ended poorly for the Wolverines football team.

Lauren, a Farmington Hills native, isn’t worried. She knows that the Wolverines’ backcourt of Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. are the best in college basketball. Then there is John Beilein. He’s been here before.

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What’s your fondest sports memory?

Pistons winning 2004 NBA Title

Who’s your favorite athlete?

Miguel Cabrera

Who is your athlete or celebrity crush, and why?

Leonardo DiCaprio, something in his eyes and he captivates me in every role he plays.

What sport would you play professionally if you could, and why?

Tennis! Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed competing as an athlete with inspiration from the Williams sisters. Their passion and love for the game is very admirable.

Who was your favorite member of the Fab 5?

Jalen Rose

Better Hardaway: Jr. or Sr.? Why?

Jr!! Why? Sweet 16 2013

The last time a Michigan team played at Cowboys Stadium it was the football team getting blown out by Alabama. Why will the game against Kansas be different?

Excluding the fact that Alabama was one of the best football teams of that era, the culture of Michigan basketball has been revitalized and the blowout win against VCU proves it!

You have 3 extra tickets to the Final Four: Who are you taking to the games?

My younger brother and cousins who are die hard fans, would mean everything to them!

What is the best part of the Michigan / Michigan State Rivalry?

The equal amount of fans and banter from both sides brings excitement to the competition! GO BLUE!

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