Ex-NFL Cheerleader Rachel Wray Loses Bloody MMA Fight



Rachel Wray, the former NFL cheerleader turned MMA fighter, lost a bloody brawl Friday night via decision to a woman named Nadia Nixon, giving Wray her first MMA loss. The three round fight turned bloody in the third round as both Wray and Nixon suffered from repeated shots to the nose.

According to Bloody Elbow, it was 29-28 on all three judges’ cards.

A Chiefs cheerleader in 2012, Wray (3-1) finished the fight with less blood on her face, still lost and she took it all in stride.

“That was more of a fight than both my first fights combined. That was real. Now I know I’m truly a fighter,” she tweeted @CheerleaderMMA.

Here’s the aforementioned third round.

[Watch Round 2]   [Watch Round 1]

She tweeted:

“LMAO.chick at subway looks at me weirdly…”uhh are you ok?” She asks, oh yea I’m cool. got in a fight Friday. Check out the vid on YouTube.”

And the mess that the brawl left.



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