The Pregnant Miami Hurricanes Cheerleader & More Screencaps!


morning twitpics

Just asking a question: bloated or pregnant? When’s the last time you saw a Miami Hurricanes cheerleader looking like she needed some Gas-X softgels? Never, right? Of course we’ll get blasted by women for asking such a question, but it’s not like they’re not thinking the same thing we’re asking.

Anyway, in other Florida basketball news, the Gators get to play a #14 seed, an #11 seed and now a #15 seed Florida Gulf Coast. And for all of you who were cracking on the Big Ten for being overrated, suck it. If you want to rip on a conference, look at the Mountain West – zero Sweet 16 teams after every basketball analyst saying “(Insert Mountain West team) could make a run in this tournament.”

As for North Carolina fans, they didn’t take the Kansas loss very well.



Um, WTF is going on here?



It’s rare for a golf photo to get into the morning Twitpics, but then again we rarely see an osprey jacking a fish from a tourney pond for chow time.

This is just a Bay Hill tournament osprey doing what osprey do. Looks like a nice catfish.

(via @RyanStoffer)



Let’s make a stop at LSU’s Alex Box Stadium and some dude’s new Jag. Sorry bro.

Picture 1


Yes, that’s Eric Lindros looking like he swallowed an entire McDonald’s.



It was a busy basketball weekend. You only get one Spring Training screencap. Just slamming 40 ozers and smoking Marlboros.

Picture 2


Finally, the NY Post gets us rolling this week. FGCU remains undefeated in the school’s March Madness history.

Picture 3

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