Chicks Kissing At Indians-Cubs Spring Training Game [VIDEO]

[VIDEO] Two Chicks Kissing At Indians-Cubs Spring Training Game

How two chicks kissing at Sunday’s Indians-Cubs game got past the Internet is beyond my comprehension. Of course we know 99.9% of you were watching one of the NCAA games.

Not BC reader @naisiem.

Ian was watching the middle innings of another Spring Training snoozer when Fox Sports Ohio came back from commercial with two chicks sucking face.

Two questions:

• Are they sharing a blanket with the straight couple who are just rolling with the punches from these lesbians?

• Indians or Cubs fans?

By the way, I watched the replay of this game this afternoon on Fox Sports and they edited out the chicks kissing.

*Sorry for the :30 commercial. If I could turn it off, I would.

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