The Johnny Manziel Spring Break Double Bikini Kiss Photo


It’s good to be Mr. Heisman.

We all know Johnny Manziel’s week of fun in Cabo for Spring Break has come to an end. No more tequila pool parties. No more late nights at beach front clubs. However, thanks to a BC tipster we can relive some of the glory in photo form.

We got an email from tipster Ben late last night with the following subject line:

Johnny with more chicks in cabo

That’s it. We didn’t know what to expect. Was he trolling? Was it photoshopped? Was it a repeat photo? No, no and no!

What we have here is a brand new photo of Johnny Cabo catching a smooch from two different bikini-clad chicks at the same time. Yeah, just another day in the life of the greatest college football player out there.

Of course a Washington State bro made an appearance at the party. From the looks of it, Manziel probably hired him to be his personal tequila holder. Not a bad idea.

Meanwhile, Johnny Cabo’s girlfriend Sarah Savage was spring breaking elsewhere in her bikini with a group of girlfriends.


The saga continues.

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