Marshall Henderson Silences Haters Via Tweet From LeBron

Marshall Henderson Silences Haters Via Tweet From LeBron

The Marshall Henderson madness has begun. After Ole Miss defeated 57-46 Wisconsin in their first round NCAA Tournament match-up, you just knew that Henderson would be going nuts. Hate was coming his way left and right, but it all became worth it after he noticed a certain tweet.

LeBron James posted the following tweet at the conclusion of the game:

Lebron tweet

This caused Henderson to go nuts with a capslock dominated Tweet to silence all his damn haters:

Henderson Tweet 2

Can you blame the guy at this point? He puts up 19 points and led the Rebels to a big win over the fifth seeded Badgers and still has to deal with losers on Twitter. Who cares that he only had 2 points on 1-11 shooting in the first half. White Chocolate came to play when it mattered most.

Imagine dealing with losers like @xavier_manzo5 after every game:

Henderson Tweet

Good for Henderson for being himself throughout this roller coaster of a season. From his excessive taunting to his Twitter antics to his Coors Light pounding, you’d be┬áhard-pressed┬áto find a more entertaining college athlete out there. We’re officially on the Rebels bandwagon from here on out. HOTTY TODDY!


Henderson Tweet 3


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