Mick Foley Superfan Tattoo & The Best Sports Tattoos On The Internet

Mick Foley a.k.a. Mankind a.k.a. Cactus Jack a.k.a. Dude Love tweeted out the above early this morning. What you see is a tattoo from a Mick Foley superfan of his angelic bust gracing her leg. I don’t know what I like more, the tattoo itself, or Mick’s genuinely happy/excited reaction.

One of the all-time greats in WWE history, it’s great to see Mick still appreciating his loyal fans. Judging by her reaction, the girl with the tattoo was pretty excited too:

Mick will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in two weeks when the WWE takes over New York City for WrestleMania weekend. Congratulations are in order for Mick. BANG BANG!

For the few readers who aren’t enthralled in the March Madness action, check out the rest of the best sports tattoos on the internet in the gallery below.

#KUBoobs Of March Madness
#KUBoobs Of March Madness
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