Michigan’s Vincent Smith Cashes In On Jadeveon Clowney Hit Via Autograph Signings



It seems Michigan running back Vincent Smith is getting the last laugh from the Jadeveon Clowney hit in the Outback Bowl. Our sources in Toledo, Ohio tipped us off last night that they spotted this Vincent Smith autographed photo of the hit for sale at a kiosk.

It seems that Maumee, OH sports memorabilia store Hall of Framers is selling the iconic image with Smith’s autograph.

A call later, the kid working the phone was sharing details.

“(Smith) was doing a show at Gibralter (famous Michigan trade center/flea market/card show building) and signed 10 for the public and then signed some for my dad.”

Did he have a problem signing a photo of himself being destroyed?

“No, not at all.”



How many are left?

“One framed.”

To recap, Smith, finished with his eligibility at Michigan, can make money signing photos of himself being destroyed by Clowney. Meanwhile, the guy who delivered the hit can’t make a penny.

Smith told ESPN in January:

“You’ve got to get it out of your head because I’m going to bounce back and turn it into a positive,” Smith said. “I saw it later on ESPN and yeah, he got me. And I forgot about it.”

Who’s laughing now, Internet?

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