ESPN Mobile Editor Intern Fired In Heartbeat Over This Fail & More Screencaps!


morning twitpics

How about this as the ultimate insult. This showed up this week on the ESPN mobile app and Louisville fans didn’t waste time screencapping it. Nothing pisses off Louisville fans more than their Cardinals being a #16 seed and playing at Rupp. NOTHING.

Remember, no #16 seed has ever beaten a #1.

Meanwhile, at Kentucky, what will Calipari do with the current guys on his roster? Shame them into going to the NBA or transferring to a Mountain West team? Form a JV team?


Speaking of Kentucky, it was obviously a huge night because Walter McCarthy was out and about. Did you know Walter was a legend? He averaged 5.2 ppg during his NBA career.

Nice stretch, Celtics dancers.

Picture 1

The SunSports broadcast is just trolling Cavs fans with this shot of the Cleveland skyline.


Picture 2

In other March Madness news, looks like the UA training staff is one of the hottest in college basketball. She’s the water girl.

Picture 3

Finally, the Post.

Picture 4

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