Katherine Webb Makes ‘Splash’ Diving Debut [GIFS, TWEETS]



The long awaited season premiere of ABC’s Splash aired last night. We’ve been chronicling Katherine Webb’s every move leading up to the show so it was good to finally see her in action. Her debut did not disappoint and even more impressive was that her actions outside the pool, not in it, stole the show.

That’s right, prior to her first dive Katherine Webb had this to say:

Thanks, Brent Musburger. This dive is for you.

Awesome…but remember this?

Katherine-Webb-Splash (1)

Although she probably should have said ‘thanks Busted Coverage, this dive is for you’ we’ll let it slide this time. Hopefully by the end of the season she gives us at least one shout out for discovering her.

As for her diving, Webb scored a 6.75 (one full point lower than Louie Anderson). Although not the greatest score, it’s good enough to keep her around for another week of wet action. Here’s a GIF courtesy of USA Today:

Katherine-Webb-Splash (3)

Webb, who said she joined to show to prove that “she’s more than a pretty face”, was shown in a much different light than the other contestants. This GIF from Guysim explains what we mean.


Sure doesn’t look like ABC is treating her like much more than a pretty face and body. Either way, Splash was a riveting hour of television. Yes, we’ll continue to tune in…at least until Webb is eliminated.

BONUS: Notable Tweets Supporting Katherine During Her Debut

Katherine-Webb-Splash (3)

Katherine-Webb-Splash (4)

Katherine-Webb-Splash (5)

[h/t Guyism, ABC]

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