Eli Manning & Kate Upton Modeling TVs [PHOTOS]

Eli Manning was in New York today with Samsung to help launch their 2013 smart TV lineup. Joining him was Kate Upton and rapper Flo Rida. We’re not sure exactly what type of event it was, but from the looks of it, it was a sketch based show.

Sounds right up Eli’s alley, right?

Joe made a comment earlier about how Eli’s jeans look literally brand new. It’s like he made a quick pit-stop at Abercrombie on his way over to the event and scooped up a fresh pair. Either that or he borrowed them from Michael Jordan’s private collection.

Eli looks like a little kid in this photo with Kate Upton. Sure the guy is married, but lets be honest, his wife isn’t Kate Upton material, even with Kate wearing this conservative sweater-jeans combo. What are the odds he did the hand hover, just like Johnny Manziel pulled on Spring break?

Kate went on the record to say:

I have a little confession. I’m a complete sports fanatic…I love football, and Samsung Smart TV has made me even more of a sports fanatic!

Where do I get in line for my Samsung Smart TV?!

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