Coyotes Fan Would Rather Shower With Sadistic Murderer & More Screencaps!


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How do you know that Coyotes fan hates the Kings? Let’s remember that Jodi Arias is the woman on trial for murdering her boyfriend via 29 stab wounds, a slit throat, and a shot to the head. And the boyfriend’s body was found in the shower. You get the idea. As for shirt guy, he wore this to the Staples Center for last night’s 3-2 Kings win.

(via @phxpatrick)

Speaking of the Kings, Erin Andrews was at the game. This relationship with Jarret Stoll seems to be picking up steam. Married by this time in 2014? Yes.


Sticking with the NHL because it’s f-ing cold out and it just makes sense.



Picture 1

Meanwhile, at Spring Training, there’s nothing more romantic than getting married before a Reds split squad game. Ice cream helmet for dessert?

Picture 9

Odds & Ends:

Picture 8



Jeter’s ankle should be the least of their worries. Have you seen the scrubs the Yankees have picked up for some offense? Brenna Boesch? Are you kidding me?

Picture 1


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